Globally benchmarked education and IT service provider.
Future Focus
1 . Career and Business Creation
Creating Entrepreneur and contributing through Venture Capital
Daffodil Group wishes to contribute in developing more creative and forward looking Bangladesh and working to impact on worldwide economy by providing necessary information, encouragement, training and guidance to encourage the young people to turn into entrepreneurs. -Established a Venture Capital with the help of some NRB -Initiated two specialized BBA programs in Entrepreneurship and Leadership through Daffodil International University. -Creating a network of resource advisors, online resources and support services -Promoting business networking to young entrepreneurs
Skilled Manpower Development
Considering the growing proportion of working age of 15-59 years and taking advantage of demographic dividend, Daffodil Group initiated Skill Development efforts to -provide an opportunity to increase the productivity within the country -ensure reduction in the global skill shortage With the help of any technically developed country Daffodil Group intends to develop skilled technical manpower for Middle East, South East Asia, USA, Malaysia, United Kingdom and Dubai to mitigate the crisis of technically skilled manpower
Brand of Bangladesh
Brand of Bangladesh is a visionary project of Honorable Chairman of the Group. It will be a unique business model. The initial plan is to establish at least one center in each Upazilla from where local peoples and community will be able to get necessary information, Special ICT services, Citizen services, Admission & Study abroad services, Mobile Banking Services, different products, Financial Information and Support Services,model class room & training facilities and many more.
Trainning up 10 lac freelancer for ICT & general freelancing job
After the garments and agricultural sector the 3rd largest sector in terms of its contribution in National GDP is BPO and IT sector. If we can train human resources in this sector then it can make great contribution in GDP and create new job opportunities. Daffodil Group has initiated a project to train up 10 lac freelancer for ICT & general freelancing job
Hotel & Tourism
We wish to contribute to developing Hotel & Tourism sector in Bangladesh. With this view we have already developed Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management under Daffodil International University (DIU). We have also accumulated enough land resources in Dhaka, Comilla, Dhaka Chittagong Highway. Many resorts and other necessary facilities will be established in these lands.
Medical & Health Services
Medical & Health Services is one more future focus for Daffodil Group through which it aims to enhance the Public Health Sector. Daffodil International University has started its work in this regards by creating consciousness in this area through Department of Public Health, Nutrition and Food Engineering, Pharmacy etc. Later on the group wishes to move in a larger scare in this area.
Convention Center and Innovation Center
To cultivate innovation and to promote research, the group has decided to establish Innovation Center and Convention Center respectively. These centers will help the young people from all over Bangladesh to research, invent and publish their works. Once established these centers will be closely linked with other relevant ventures of Daffodil Group to take greater leap.
Local Heritage City
Local Heritage City will go by the slogan “My country, my product”. This will be an initiative to bring together all the local products and innovation under one umbrella to represent the whole country. This will also aim to build a strong network among the local business houses.
2 . Education
Medical College
Daffodil Group is planning to set up a medical college in the commitment of providing contemporary medical education programs that will produce skilled and compassionate physicians and fill the demand of dedicated and ethical medical professionals of the country. The proposed Medical College will be set up in Ashulia and it will have a city campus also.
Chain School
The Group dreams to apply the “Chain School “concept for Daffodil International School. The Objectives are- -To set up DIS in 64 districts of Bangladesh and abroad -To ensure quality, practical oriented and competency based education in every corner of Bangladesh -To help developing the kids with intellectual, business and technical skills useful for the future job market
Daffodil-KISS a joint effort in Bangladesh
In the commitment of providing education to the disadvantaged children to eradicate poverty Daffodil Group has decided to invite Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) to start joint operation in Bangladesh. Already 2 acre land has been donated to start the operation. It will follow the same model that is in operation in India.
Education for Sustainable Development
Group has embraced the need for education to achieve sustainability considering the three pillars, ie, economy, society and environment. Already undertaken a project and have a plan to go long following- -Increasing awareness and building human capacity -Structuring and Placing ESD in the Curriculum -Linking to existing Issues: Educational Reform and Economic Viability
Train the Teachers
Daffodil Group is working to ensure effective, interactive and integrated Teaching & Learning methods and bring change and innovation in education systems. The Group desires to provide development opportunities through the following- -Arranging Seminar/ Workshop/Conferences/Training on CBTA -Affiliating with other Universities worldwide for higher studies and research. -Developing an online Learning Resource Centre and Distant Education Systems -Research and Development on Teaching & Learning approaches
Daffodil Education Network (DEN)
Daffodil Group wants to expand the activities of Daffodil Education Network in Malaysia, Africa, Middle East, USA, Australia and Europe to -Set link with all leading Awarding Boards/Universities worldwide -Bring every possible study areas/ options to students -Help International Students to Study in Bangladesh -Promote research, distance education and use of educational technologies -Set joint venture in Bangladesh to prepare students as Global Citizen
e-Education Innovation Center
The group has started developing the concept and curriculum for online teaching and with the approval of University Grants Commission (UGC) in Bangladesh the group will move for implementation of this course through Daffodil International University and Daffodil Education Network. -Amalgamation of two learning approaches to widen access to education and Remove barriers to education -To improve its quality, utilizing the techniques and associated communications technologies
Worldwide Admission Solution
Students face dilemma about proper guidance and honest counseling related to study abroad. Daffodil Group wish to work to establish a transparent service center named "" to solve admission related problems and to provide relevant services for global students.
Global Presence
Daffodil Group is highly interested to extend its operation Internationally. Already Group started operation in UK, USA and Malaysia and going to start its operation very soon in Dubai and Srilanka The Group is researching on global trends and looking for prospects in other region also to start its operation.
Joint Initiative with International Partners
We encourage joint initiative to ensure a global environment and attract future leaders from home and abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences. Very recently we are going to start DAFFODIL JAPAN Institute of Technology and signed the agreement between Daffodil Group and BBP Advisory Limited (Japan).
Research & Innovation
Daffodil Group believes in innovation and pay effort to add values in its services and products. Therefore the group set link with International Organizations and Education Institute and does extensive research on knowledge and service arena to grab opportunities exists now, or is likely to emerge in the future. We firmly believe that our research and innovation efforts will help the group responsibly improve its business performance
Collaborative Campus of Daffodil International University
Daffodil International University has a vision to set collaborative campus in Malaysia, Srilanka and in Middle East in near future. Already the group is doing market research based on the request from different countries to start collaborative campus of Daffodil International University.
3 . ICT Solution and Products
Management Automation
To increase business efficiency, agility and reflectivity to comply with Economic volatility, rising competition and rapidly evolving technology, Daffodil Group has developed systems to ensure required changes in organizations operation systems. Our major focus is on- -Complete ERP solution for Business -Education management through Daffodil Software Limited The Group is steadily working to spread the solutions worldwide
The group intends to promote e-Commerce trends in Bangladesh. Already establish two different Online Portals for buying and selling named (for technological products) and (for all kind of products)
Assembling Tablet PC and Smart Phone
Daffodil Group introduced the first Local Brand "Daffodil PC" in Bangladesh through Daffodil Computers Limited. In near future the group wishes to extend its achievement by assembling Tablet PC and Smart Phone locally
Worldwide Job Portal
The group also wishes to establish a strong worldwide portal to meet the following objectives- -To make a common platform of overseas jobs for professionals, expatriates and adventure seekers -To create linkage between employers and job seekers to mitigate unemployment problem, increase human mobility through developing Global Citizens