Product Description:

Business ERP is a fascinating kind of business solution for those smart people who have to keep peace with the modern era. It is awesome software which is designed and modulated to provide a full fledged support to any small, medium and large level of company and corporate clients. This Business ERP software has been developed using Microsoft, with SQL server 2005 and modeled to perform dynamic official activities in a wink of eye. It takes full liability to perform work of company related to Finance, Accounting, Purchase, Inventory, Sales, Security and many more! It can be installed with easy and can be operated from anywhere of the world. It can work both online and offline and very easy to handle by any one. Any smart executive/ company can rely on it, which can network the entire company, and greatly minimize one's effort, pain, time, confusion and expenses for manual documentation.

For More: http://businesserp.biz/

Features of the product:

  • Sales and Inventory Management.
  • Service and Return Material Authorization Management.
  • Accounting Management.
  • Classified Dashboard.
  • HRM (Attendance, Leave, Payroll, PMIS).
  • E-Commerce.
  • Loyalty.
  • Manufacturing Management.
  • Procurement Management.
  • Job Tracking System.

Benefits of the product:

  • Capability to make report/ dashboard faster than any other tool.
  • Gives top management something that Informative.
  • Management can travel with their reports.
  • Less vendor dependency.
  • A complete end to end ERP solution to manage your business.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Significant reduction of workload and improve employee productivity.
  • Fully web based and user can access from any point.
  • Improve communication and collaboration.
  • Easy to manage multiple branches, companies etc. 


  • Reduce expense of the organizations
  • Manage whole HR in a proper way
  • Smooth operation of organization

Representative Clients:

  • Daffodil Computers Limited
  • DIS
  • SARWARE Leather
  • Lucky Dying
  • Dolphin
  • Daffodil KIOSK
  • BSDI (Bangladesh Skill Development Institute)
  • DIIT

Number of Installation/ Clients: 09

Target Industry: Any Manufacturing and Trading Organization/ FMCG/ Pharmaceutical/ Any Group of company.

Daffodil Computers Limited:

Daffodil Computers Ltd. is public listed and ISO 9001 – 2000 certified most prominent, experienced and trusted ICT conglomerate of the country. DCL have made an indelible mark in the ICT field and curved a nice for itself through consistently and constantly spanning ICT products and services by investing in Research Development.

Daffodil Software Ltd. being a part of the Daffodil is developing reliable and scalable commercial off-the-shelf software for Bank, Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing Company, Trading and Non-Trading Company, Garments, Education Sector, Hospital, Pharmacy and Telecommunication sectors. International Software Quality Testing Board (ISTQB) certified testers are working to ensure the quality of our Software.